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Drømmeland is de afgelopen tijd in de prijzen gevallen bij de volgende filmfestivals.

Best film
Matsalu Film Festival, Estonia

“For a dramatized psycho-analysis of man’s encounter with nature and a creative presentation of the balance between man’s loneliness in nature and social media, alongside artistic editing, spectacular cinematography and outstanding sound design, the Best Film Award in the category of Man and Nature goes to “Drømmeland”. This is a film that takes closer look into the contemporary human nature and presents it in a really charming way.”

Best film
Working Title Film Festival, Vicenza, Italy

“The jury of the international competition of the Working Title Film Festival 4 has decided to present a special mention for feature films to the documentary film Drømmeland by Joost van der Wiel for its special evocative power, through images which, by getting rid of a purely observational context, acquire a universal philosophical value, and for its excellent editing structure.”

Best director
Matsalu Film Festival, Estonia

“In this film one can feel the presence of very strong directorial decisions. It’s a multidimensional and strong main character who does not speak to the camera – there is no narration, there is very little music. It is one of the few films at this festival where you can actually HEAR how nature, including human beings, sounds like. This film doesn’t teach nor preach but instigates you to think.”

Special Mention
Gdansk Doc Film Festival, Poland

„Drømmeland” to obserwacyjny dokument ukazujący próbę znalezienia równowagi w kontakcie z naturą, samym sobą i światem zewnętrznym.”